Performance Testing

Secure Your Applications Against Cyber Threats With Comprehensive Security Testing At Zilytest

Zilytest offers dynamic application security testing services to expose software vulnerabilities effectively, minimize risks and ensure better application scalability.

Our vision

Our Security Testing Services With End-To-End Protection

Penetration testing

Zilytest Penetration Testing enables you to systematically find and eliminate business-critical vulnerabilities in your running web applications and web services without needing source code.

Cloud Security Audit

In Zilytest's cyber security audit services, a cloud security test inspects the entire cloud environment for security breaches, compiles reports, and offers recommendations.

Compliance Management

Not only do our specialists complete a full audit, but they also counsel on further steps to be taken to maintain compliance with all regulations, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Social Engineering Test

Our Social Engineering Test aims to teach your employees and clients to be cautious when handling personal information, identifying and reporting phishing emails, and being prepared for suspicious activity from third parties.

Secure Code Review

A secure code review is when source codes are thoroughly examined and their flaws are highlighted. With a maximum level of accuracy, a manual or automated check-up will help with spotting those weak spots. Zilytest provides a number of solutions that take this into account.

Security Consulting

Zilytest's cyber security testing experts help you with any concerns you may have in various domains including travel, healthcare, retail, and more.

Vulnerability assessment

Our vulnerability assessments identify and quantify those risks, so you can take action to mitigate them. We use only the best scanning tools to give you an Accurate and In-depth report of potential vulnerabilities.

Security audit

The goal of a security audit is to evaluate a company's security measures, practices, and protocols. This can be done through vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and security audits.

DDoS testing

By sending malicious requests from multiple locations, we attempt to overburden the capacity of your application or network servers to check how resilient you are to DDoS attacks.

How Can Zilytest Help You?

Security Analysis

The cyber security testing specialists at Zilytest take care of any concerns you could have about security in various industries, including travel, healthcare, retail, and more. Creation of customized app security tailored to the project and client's requirements. Initiate and oversee the development of a customized security framework to protect application data, networks, and end users.

Flexibility & Scalability

Thanks to our always-available, flexible, and user-friendly site, you can handle and keep track of your security assessments. As business requirements and threats change, plan tests, determine the appropriate level of testing, and make adjustments. We offer scalable testing options that can be used on-demand, via subscription, or on-site for enterprises with limited resources.

Collaborative Alliances

Strengthened collaborations with leading security testing tool providers have allowed us to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. We work with the top testing tools and best practices to deliver high-quality results for our clients.

Managed security testing

With this option, you can stay aware of security vulnerabilities with frequent end-to-end IT infrastructure security assessments. As we get familiar with your IT infrastructure, our security testing will be more cost- and time-efficient.